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1000 Bullets book 1 $5.00
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1000 Bullets book 1
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Publisher: universal comics pd
by Thomas B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/09/2021 05:58:06

I have to say the story was so refreshing to read it was a throw back for me to the days when i was a bit younger and stared to get into comic book. Now the author has put a bit of time into it, the story is very intense as a read,definitely gets you from the first page you read, like the old west . The battle between the characters is so good and the repartee is a joy to read just dont know who is the good the bad "you get it" then comes the Twist in the story brlliant and this takes me to the art work it is of a very high standard really do like the black and white of the drawings works so well now if you like your heroes with xray eyes jetpacks and all the rest of that may not be for you but try it and you might like it for the rest of us " fantastic" so looking forword to the next instalment of this story.

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